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After evaluating the Market America business model, I knew this was the perfect blueprint to accomplish my goals. We could make family a priority, and be present for our friends, family and community by working smarter, not harder. This business enables you to leverage time and money. It's not the amount of time you put into building your business, it's the quality time you spend implementing the result-producing activities: selling products, expanding distribution by coaching others, and attending training sessions with your team to master the fundamentals.

The key to Market America's success is leveraging technology and providing top-notch customer service. We treat our business seriously; every customer is important to us, and we strive to help them reach their goals by offering the highest quality products. We develop a relationship with our customers, which leads to many referrals for new customers and new business partners. Our customers love the products and have achieved phenomenal results. We know this because we build rapport and follow up with them after the initial sale. We love what we do, because we are helping so many people change their lives. This precision focus on customer service has helped us integrate Market America's web services with our graphic design business as well.

Market America Flourishing

If you are looking for a great home-based business, a Market America Internet franchise is the opportunity you have been waiting for! This renowned company has more than 180,000 distributors and more than 3 million customers worldwide. Accumulated retail sales have already surpassed $3.4 billion U.S. dollars. Market America’s UnFranchise® Owners enjoy great success implementing a proven business system that is closing in on 20 years of continued growth. Market America offers more than 2,500 Market America branded products, including the highly sought after Isotonix nutraceuticals, Motives® cosmetics, and the Transitions Lifestyle System® for weight management.

Market America Distributor Opportunity

When you take advantage of becoming a Market America distributor, you are not only increasing your chances of changing your financial course with a home-based Internet business, but you can be happy knowing that you offer your customers such great, affordable access to advanced products that contribute to health, wellness, and longevity. Available though Market America, this home-based business is ideal for those who want to help others and themselves. A Market America Internet franchise gives you a blueprint to change your income and your life. With a proven system of almost 20 years, no matter your background or education, you will be part of a winning team that will help you learn how to earn a significant ongoing income!

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